The Crew GEGENLICHT Design is a network of economically independent gaffers and electricians. The crew concept is unique in the market and offers the highest quality as well as an enormous flexibility and reliability.

Productions and projects with us guarantee our clients the adherence to the GEGENLICHT design principles at all times, enabling a highly professional, high-quality and economically effective work.

GEGENLICHT Design is here to shine a light, in every aspect. We not only love to illuminate the set, but we also take great pride in our planning and organisation skills during preproduction. We adapt to any situation, striving to realise every need and wish that comes our way. We persistently analyse and archive our ever expanding body of work, determined to learn and grow with each new venture.

The GEGENLICHT Design – principles


The crew has a joint personnel planning as well as transcending materialists. Reliability regarding content and appointments is a matter of course.

Quality & Economy

A basic rule of the crew is the optimization of the work results taking into account the available budget. The crew members work very effectively and advise for an optimization of the budget use. In the event of a necessary change of personnel within a designated production team, the originally agreed quality is ensured at all times.


If, for a reason, an order can not be realized as desired, we will be communicating openly and fairly, so that we can search together for alternative actions or compromises.


The human being and his safety is the first priority.
With regular training and further education, among others. In the areas of electrical engineering, aerial work platforms and general occupational safety, we are always up to date to ensure that we work safely and responsibly on the set. Our crew always works under the principles of personal security and will reject work that contradicts it. All members of the crew shall, subject to i.a. the following provisions and regulations:

  • Departmental “Regulations”
  • Working Time Act (AZO)
  • Accident Prevention (UVV)
  • VDE-Guidelines
  • Fire protection Regulations
  • lamps are „special tools“
  • foreign regulations such as of railways stations and buildings
  • Hazard Assessment and security concepts